11 hours ago

After 73 laps at Sydney Motorsport Park, Alex Rullo's feeling ready for Adelaide. #VASC

517 reactions 31 comments
Chris Ferber Patrick Ferber
Moker Slag I'm doing my best for you guys so keep sharing! :D Uploading New Compilations Every day!!
Leigh Gary Howie thats mint looking holden
Danny Clark Ready for Adelaide. Rofl pmsl. Good luck kid.
Graham K. Michell there's a wall waiting for ya Rullo 😂😂. watch out!!
11 hours ago

Realising schoolboy dreams in 7⃣️ days time. #VASC

618 reactions 45 comments
Jason Eagle Get ready for carnage
Joanne Everson Good luck Alex, prove the haters wrong
Sabrina Higgs Tanya Wesley so excited! Go Alex
James Sanderson Go get em Alex.
Sean Henry Rip in Alex! Good luck buddy!
11 hours ago

Chaz Mostert: "[De Borre's] learnt a lot going away for a year." #VASC

446 reactions 8 comments
Kml Elamarty Guys , check out my new video <3
Iurii Bilous Hi! Please check my new video!
Keith Guest Chas bustert
Jaymin Bentley Go Chaz !!
Barry Hudgson Go Chaz Go Ford
11 hours ago

What did we learn from yesterday's hit-out? #VASC

399 reactions 9 comments
Kml Elamarty Guys , check out my new video <3
Geoff Stuart Geoff Stuart
Phil Richards That fans want to be there...
Matthew Panda Andrew Half the drivers were sand bagging
Scott Cowley Am I the only one who thought of Rick rolled for #1?
11 hours ago

8⃣️ days until a special homecoming. #VASC

1.4k reactions 54 comments
Amy Rychlewski So awesome I'm so ready for this bring on Clipsal
Sandie Davey Go GT show them how it's done
Ross Martin I Thought That Was Luffy. :(
Ben Boyd 😴
Craig Baxter Hahaha...
11 hours ago

There was a lot happening off the track too 👀 #VASC

319 reactions 11 comments
Kml Elamarty Guys , check out my new video <3
Burt Tingwell Chris Bankes
Amy Rychlewski Awesome 8 days guys
Andrew Cattermole We weren't invited!!!!!!!!!!
Jamie Wilmua Wilmshurst Russ is on the pixie juice 🍻
11 hours ago

Skaife and Murphy hit turn eight or McLaughlin and Whincup’s epic battle? Choose your favourite Adelaide moment to win safety car rides, grid walks and more from Real Insurance. #VASC VOTE:

2.4k reactions 267 comments
Harry Adams Murphy deep dive on dumbrell battle down back straight and slammed into the wall with skaify in his draft into the wall at turn 8
Jason Hodgkison McLaughlin and whincup definitely. White knuckle racing at its best. Just proves it's not over till Finnish line is crossed :-)
Robert Henderson I'm gettn all giggly and excited can almost smell it Lee Ashley
Luke Taylor Any time two Holden's end up in the wall is a good day!
Jaxon Moody I was in turn 8 grand stand when that happened, the crowd went wild, but I'am going McLaughlin & Whincup's final lap.
11 hours ago

Scott McLaughlin's not making any bold predictions. #VASC

775 reactions 17 comments
Kml Elamarty Guys , check out my new video <3
Hollie Moen-Rogers James Eaton
Clark Blyth Kayle Lowe
Ryan Sims Len Sims
Noni Butler It's the driver not the Ford
11 hours ago

It's a significant step forward for the sport, Todd Kelly believes. #VASC

455 reactions 10 comments
Kml Elamarty Guys , check out my new video <3
Andrew Stokes Rory Robinson
Bj Morrison Long overdue, but still years too late
Mick Clifton Just as long as the person crossing the line first is the winner,hate penalties after the race
Mark Reid very few penalties if Baird applies his own on track driving standards.
11 hours ago

Rick Kelly has set the fastest ever Supercars lap of Sydney Motorsport Park on the new Dunlop tyre. #VASC

1.5k reactions 86 comments
Adelia East Go Nissan 💝
Bj Morrison He will win the championship now
David Elizabeth Well done Rick
Michael Wilson Luke Turner must be the beard
Ethan Jordan Glen surprising
11 hours ago

A new year brings bright opportunities. 9⃣️ days to go. #VASC

191 reactions 4 comments
Moker Slag Uploading New Compilations Every day!!
Robert Orr Tyson Orr .......
Larry Donohue Give some young gun ago bright,, you are to old an not competitive anymore an jump over to a ford want help you 😘
Daniel Haack They're using someone that isn't from redbull. They must be sick.
11 hours ago

Rick Kelly has ended the Sydney tyre test fastest. Got a question for him? #VASC

506 reactions 184 comments
Brendon Thompson Go 888
Corey Preston someone do bunny ears lol
Joe Calleja Go GT
Andrew Murphy Congratulations Rick.
Craig Oates Hipster alert
11 hours ago

Nick Percat has been forced to sit out the final two hours of the test. #VASC

136 reactions 8 comments
Moker Slag Uploading New Compilations Every day!!
Peter Yeoman Go Nick, dual Clipsal 500 wins in a row will be good
Paul Brooks Perhaps he could run his mouth
Parker Lewis Must be Whincups fault
Craig Abernethy What a shame
11 hours ago

How has Simona De Silvestro's test gone today? #VASC

177 reactions 11 comments
Gene Higgins B| GI*D Simona De Silvestro! Get with the program Confederation of Australian Motor Sport - CAMS! :-/
Rhyan Nicholson Cool
Maleny WasteBusters Cool
Ryan Wheeler She will get lapped next week
Stacey Lloyd Well done Simona!
11 hours ago

Check in with Craig Lowndes. #VASC

255 reactions 2 comments
David Patterson I hope you do well this year mate Dave
Jason Karta Can you tell us why it was a closed test day
11 hours ago

Uh, nothing to see here! 🙈 Jamie Whincup Be a fly on the wall at the Sydney tyre test HERE ➡️

997 reactions 45 comments
Cosmo O'Donohue Darren O'Donohue
Daniel Poss David Albert Harris
Andrew Clark Simon Circosta looks so good
Peter Neilson Go Jamie it's ur year
Edvaldo Portela Saporra anda pra caralho Jean Portela
11 hours ago

Sydney Motorsport Park's a busy little place today. #VASC

846 reactions 22 comments
Keith Pirie Is there a livestream for this?
Michael Courtney Yed why not television
Brad Craig will there be extended broadcasts in america this year
Steven J. Dziki Man, they be doing like 800mph!
Jason Dwyer Wow look how fast they are with the new super soft tyre 😂
11 hours ago

Tim Slade has set the standard this morning on the new tyre. #VASC

601 reactions 9 comments
Michael Falzon Josh Trovato
Logan Rusling Tony Rusling
Andrew Folkes Whats happened to chaz
Rosemary June Englert Good one. Summit a home state sponsor?
Jason Hodgkison Can't wait for the season to start again.
11 hours ago

📸 👀 #VASC

607 reactions 34 comments
Damo Reynolds Josh Evans
Amber Brianne Rachel Berlemon 😍
Ethan Sykes Joey Sykes
Keith Ward Clint Jenkins
Jaimes Sippel Louise Wilcox
11 hours ago

... but who will steer Car 3 in Adelaide is still unknown. #VASC

195 reactions 29 comments
Chris Tanner Bevan Tanner
Brad Coy Matt Byrne
Christine Dunham Lauren Sibio Trevor Pye Chris Pye
James Cattermole Skaife!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Scotty H Bone Put Chris Pither in it
11 hours ago

We've got you covered 🤗 #VASC

466 reactions 28 comments
Mark Howard Stephen Howard
Andrew Dorn Nathan Dorn
Peter Schafer Brock Schafer
Ange Wallace Daniel Blank
Mitchell Bower Liam McGuinness Graeme Marshall
11 hours ago

Game on. The Sydney tyre test has begun. #VASC

698 reactions 13 comments
Kane Jones Jess Jones
Chris Reed Watching live timung. .lol
Phil Greig who will be first to bin it
Ben Rothberg What time is P2?
Phil Greig has LDM named his second driver yet ?
11 hours ago

Changes to judicial system and driving code after comprehensive review. #VASC

424 reactions 22 comments
Bree Karl Venning Josephine Voysey
Craig Abernethy Mark Quertier
Renae Adam Winterton Tom
Hemi Marunui Shane Adam
Steve Harris Brian
11 hours ago

The Carsales Altima is ready to hit the track today in Sydney. #VASC

869 reactions 24 comments
Dan Barry Scott Edwards
James Haber Cathie Kennedy
Heath Hamilton Montanna Damm
Luke Steger Adam Steger
Ethan Cale Caleb Rothe
11 hours ago

Ludo Lacroix will engineer Scott McLaughlin this season. #VASC

1.3k reactions 107 comments
Adam Jack Theres ur 2017 championship car...
David Hurle Awsome ok scorty your turn to shube this season good luck 👍👍👍👍👍👍
Peter Ridge Oh yeah. Bring it on!
Scott Barnes Futute champion. Enough said.
Joseph Hanson Better take Frenglish lessons
11 hours ago

Chaz Mostert saves the day. #VASC

445 reactions 43 comments
Tony Rusling Logan Rusling
Casey Rutherford James Lorraine Rutherford
Lee Labudda Dave Labudda
Jasmine Cartlidge Mathew Cartlidge
Scotty Kennedy Nick Sam Mckenzie
11 hours ago

Chaz Mostert's 2017 Supercars contender is here. #VASC

474 reactions 27 comments
Gary Conway Andrew Charles
Chris Tancred Carley Daniel
Aaron Jordan Alex Jones Georgia Baseggio
Priscilla Salmon Daniel Witherington Cheyne Durbridge
Ash Matthews Shane Workman
11 hours ago

Your pre-season questions, answered. #VASC

352 reactions 33 comments
Andrew Ayad Why, it's closed to the public
Matthew Panda Andrew Cars cars cars cars and cars
Andy Rousche You taking the piss with that line?
Myles Hunter Will Chahda be driving?
Josh Eatts Skids?
11 hours ago

Jason Bright: "This is quite a big change for the category." #VASC

739 reactions 22 comments
Tiaan Ngatai Shane Ngatai
Paula Andrews Justin Jiffy Andrews
William Leonard its purple
Luke Butler To old my arse. It all comes down to $.
Christopher Williams Will be on its roof more then the Tyers
11 hours ago

🔟 days to go until new partnerships are tested. #VASC

1.4k reactions 60 comments
Margie Gordon Yayyyyyy
Laurie Ratz Can't wait.
Thomas Fairley Scott & GM just doesn't work sorry 👎
Wayne Saunders Cant wait
Glenn Smith Darryl Smith countdown is on bro.
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