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7 hours ago

Love is sweet

6 Sweets That Make Great Favors
6 Sweets That Make Great Favors

Because you can't give out ice cream as a favor, no matter how much you want to.

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6 hours ago

Read this if you’ve ever taken Addy without a prescription.

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Shannon Diggers Marrell Tom Dovaston haha
Christopher Joy Shannon Joy
Lang Cheng Lisa Choi, + Dr Rellim
Wes Gibson Jenn Klein Agnew Brie Gibson "little balls in my mouth"
Jack Jeffery Justin Klieber hahaha
6 hours ago

This 👏 is 👏 what 👏 equal 👏 representation 👏 looks 👏 like. (via Teen Vogue)

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Zackery Brandon Burton No 👏 one 👏 gives 👏 a 👏 fuck
Ben O'Brien Radical feminists are actually cancer 😂
Jessee Long Why did it have to be pink
Valerie Eagleston I don't like the pink. I would rather it be bronze to imply strength
Holly Hiatt Equality doesn't always have to be princess pink, ffs.
6 hours ago

Welcome to the post-app world.

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L'Officiel Manila
6 hours ago

DisPATched is a brand-new column where assistant editor Patricia Medina talks about whatever piques her interest in the beauty world. This week, she talks about her newfound belief in coconut oil through In Her Element Skincare's Nourish & Cleanse Balm.

DisPATched: In Her Element Nourish & Cleanse Balm - L
DisPATched: In Her Element Nourish & Cleanse Balm - L'Officiel Manila

Beauty blogger Liz Lanuzo recently launched her own skincare line, In Her Element, with the Nourish and Cleanse Balm as the banner product. The balm is pretty straightforward: It nourishes dry areas on the skin, and it cleanses the face from impurities. When it comes to the ingredients, it keeps the...

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Bea Lim Yaaaaas Patricia Medina 💥💯😘😍
6 hours ago

You might end up learning a new thing or two about yourself.

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Tren Bee Rose M. Green:lol
Giuseppe Alberto Lizzi bullshit
Bob Sheraton Just ANOTHER bullshit religion.
Gina Northrup I don't think so! Just trow your money in the trash! Follow your heart it knows how you feel!
Liling Zoltán Would not. I'm sure, any of these coaching and validating could be reached by a trained and certified psychologist or other, non-mystic assistance if need such.
6 hours ago

The city is hopeful providing them with opportunities will be a solution to the ongoing problem. (via The New York Times)

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Sheldon Finkelstein EXCELLENT IDEA!😁😁😁😁
Jamie Woodall That's a story all over the country.
Jamie Woodall But in Portland, Maine, its only part time work.
Miguel Moreno Who told you that panhandlers want to be hired??
Jane Buys stand on a street corner is thats how you get a job is that a new way to fill out a job app.
L'Officiel Manila
6 hours ago

The British supermodel takes part in the fantasy-fueled campaign.

Edie Campbell Stars in Kurt Geiger’s SS17 Campaign - L
Edie Campbell Stars in Kurt Geiger’s SS17 Campaign - L'Officiel Manila

Shoe and accessory brand Kurt Geiger recently launched its SS17 collection with British supermodel Edie Campbell as the face of the campaign. The 26-year old model was the perfect choice for the fashion fairy tale-esque shoot. Creative Director Rebecca Farrar-Hockley designed the collection with a f...

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L'Officiel Manila
6 hours ago

Vic Barba’s collection, Grey Matter, transports the audience to melancholic utopia.

MFF F/W ’17: Barba’s ‘Grey Matter’ - L
MFF F/W ’17: Barba’s ‘Grey Matter’ - L'Officiel Manila

Viv Barba has always shown that, as a designer, his minimalist pieces respect, accentuate, and flatter the figure of the wearer. His recent work for Manila Fashion Fest – The Next 2017, Grey Matter, is a collection that shows us, once again, that he is force to be reckoned with. The designs were eve...

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Vic M Barba Thank you so much!
L'Officiel Manila
6 hours ago

In a retelling of denim through chic dappery and sophistication, Randy Ortiz’s In:di:go was a definite show stopper.

MFF F/W ’17: Randy Ortiz’ ‘In:di:go’ - L
MFF F/W ’17: Randy Ortiz’ ‘In:di:go’ - L'Officiel Manila

With his signature of marketable designs, Randy Ortiz’s audience already knows to expect the most from him, and his Manila Fashion Fest – The Next 2017 collection, In:di:go, was no exception. Randy Ortiz’s creativity is unquestioned this season as his mind roams around the direction of chic dappery....

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L'Officiel Manila
6 hours ago

Rhett Eala’s collection at #MFFTheNext is one worthy of royalty.

MFF F/W ’17: Rhett Eala’s ‘Queen’ - L
MFF F/W ’17: Rhett Eala’s ‘Queen’ - L'Officiel Manila

Despite many years as a prolific designer, Rhett Eala’s first pageant gown stint was only when Maxine Medina competed in this year’s Miss Universe. You know the one: that green fringe dress left many in awe. Eala’s Miss Universe experience served as the main inspiration for ‘Queen,’ as he successful...

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6 hours ago

1 in 4 couples sleep separately—and it's not a bad thing.

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Alexys Mitchell Phyl Zubizareta
John Meyer Michael Ament
Kavery Das That's us Maneesha P Swamy
Elyse Isabel Patrick Messier
Ritika Tiku Tony Tony 😏
Clif Pro Team
27 minutes ago

Without too much inhibition, Lea Davison and Maghalie Rochette kick off the Clif Pro Team's training event in Moab. CLIF Bar LUNA Orbea Garneau GiroSportDesign FOX Maxxis Tires

92 reactions 3 comments
Dottie Katzenbaum Bravo Catharine!
Stephanie Artis Lea is riding for Luna now?! 👊🏻
Mike Gottardi By far the BEST team in the world!
Broadsheet Sydney
9 hours ago

Hear the Oscar-winning score live while you watch the film.

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Jessa Shields Ariel Shaw Sydney trip in December?
Vee Pee Liz Phan are you into this
Elizabeth Roberts Ashleigh Chen do u wanna go and cry wit me
Patricia Arcilla Joseph wow dreams do come true!!
Tayler Matthews Good enough reason to come home? Alexis Fontana
Broadsheet Sydney
9 hours ago

Missed last week's big food news? Catch up here.

Snack Time: Sydney’s Latest in Food
Snack Time: Sydney’s Latest in Food

A pintxos bar, an Israeli-style bakery, Saké's new nori crisps and more.

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Nicky D.C Sam Deighton
Emily Browning Angela Colson check out the menu for the pintxos bar - we have to go!
The Tai Life
7 hours ago

Give away alert! Join us at the Win, Rock & Rule Women's empowerment event this Thursday and learn how you can own your power, make meaningful connections and thrive in your career from the industry's best. How can you win? Click here.

Win, Rock & Rule - The Tai Life
Win, Rock & Rule - The Tai Life

Want to connect with professional women? Want to get a head in your career? Looking for advice from female game changers in your industry? Join us at Win, Rock & Rule on Thursday, March 30 and engage in conversations, meaningful networking and learn how you can OWN IT! To get more information and pu...

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Woman Getting Married
7 hours ago

5 Easy Ways to Plan a Destination Wedding Under $10,000

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Raquel Rodriguez Heather Silvernail
Tomie Jo Gross Marc Lovelace
Quitta Wilson Mara Smart
Sara Haynes Anna Kerr
Jessica Davis Yahel McDaniel
6 hours ago

Fans of 'Girls' and 'Easy' will love this series.

104 reactions 9 comments
Emma Gardner Rach Skye
Samm Martin Codie Ann Elswick
Simon Winfield Lawrence Morgan
Senay Erdogan Alexzandra Lomman
Henry Rex Bils I was hoping that the new show was called 'Easy Girls'!
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